Ever since the world has begun, the immense power of love has already been sung to everyone. At present, love has already been taken into a newer height. This is very evident to the love that is felt by gays and lesbians toward their opposite sex.  For sure, it is no longer a new issue to you – same-sex marriage.

Learn the pros and cons of same-sex marriage legalization in this article.


  1. It comes with different marriage benefits.

This marriage can bring benefits such as life insurance benefits, health care extension as well inheritance rights. Although there’s no existing will, there’s still a pre-determined path of secession in this relationship.

Some countries offer a plethora of government exemptions such as tax exemption perks and benefits.

  1. It reduces discrimination.

Same sex marriage is a symbolism of our fight against discrimination within the society. In supporting the rights of this social minority, we are actually opening our minds and hearts as well for other political, cultural and minority group.

  1. Empowerment of LGBT community

LGBT community empowerment may seem like a negative thing to the world. However, it’s actually a good sign. Right now, marriage institution is closed for same-sex community in 38 states in the US. Apart from that, it has been known that the federal government denies as well bound homosexual couples legally more than several federal benefits and rights which come with this marriage. Such exclusion significantly impacts members of a lesbian and gay community in plenty of ways.

    1. Married partners can make a decision for their companion.

Same-Sex Marriage

It’s applicable for any critical medical decisions. In other words, a spouse can decide regarding medical treatments for their incapacitated partners who can’t make their own decisions.

  1. Same sex couples can be better parents.

Just like ordinary married couples, same sex couples could also adopt kids of their choice and take care of them.

  1. Easier citizenship

In other nations, there is a law stating that getting married to an individual of that region will allow a foreigner to convert into a citizen of the place quickly. Thus, in case no one is available for you to tie the knot with you, then why not opt for gay marriage? It’s the best possible option if you want to get the citizenship of that country without any hassle.


  1. Same-sex marriage goes against the institution of marriage which has been defined traditionally as between a woman and a man.
  2. This marriage boosts the possibility of leading to other non-traditional and unaccepted marriages like bestiality, polygamy as well as incest.
  3. Marriage is intended for procreation. It must not be extended to same-sex couples because they can’t bear babies together.

For several years, the concept of same-sex marriage created a buzz all over the world.  It doesn’t just there. It also started an endless debate between gender equality and religion.

No matter what, let’s put in our mind marrying isn’t just about the affection we have for our companion. We need to be aware of the possible pros and cons surrounding it.